Heritage Tapestries

I was given a box of old photos that had belonged to my grandparents. Most of them had been taken by my grandmother. They were 2"x2" black and white contact prints. Many of the people in the photos were people I had known. The tapestries I created from these photos are 'recognized' by many viewers, as belonging to their past, as well as my own.

Big Green Chair   56"x36"   

Big Green Chair  56"x36"   

Barbershop Buzz      56"x36     available

Barbershop Buzz     56"x36     available

Prairie Polka   36"x36"   available

Prairie Polka  36"x36"   available

Watermelon Girls     40"x50"   

Watermelon Girls     40"x50"   

Croquet Coquette     53"x36"     available

Croquet Coquette    53"x36"     available